What is Dietetics?

At one point or another, all of us have searched online for “what to eat” to help improve our health or get us closer to a goal we’ve had for our wellbeing. An online search might be a good start, but seeking the support and guidance of a registered dietitian is the best way for you to have trusted nutrition information that is safe and appropriate for meeting your health needs.

A dietitian can help you with goal setting, which is an important part of your health journey – weight loss alone may not be a solution for preventing and managing chronic health issues. In fact, what and how you eat is so much more important than the number on the scale: food is truly medicine when it comes to improving heart health, diabetes control, digestive health, and inflammation in general.

A dietitian can be an important member of your health care team to set you up for what matters most to you. Our Registered Dietitian, Dani Renouf, provides individual nutrition care that is customized to cultural and lifestyle considerations for individuals who would like to prevent or manage chronic disease.

Meet Our Dietitian


Dani Shahvarani Renouf

  • Registered Dietitian

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