What are Ergonomic/Workplace Assessments?

At Teamworks, we believe that your recovery occurs both inside and outside of the clinic. If you spend 8 to 10 hours a day sitting at a desk, you are likely to put a lot of strain on your upper back, lower back, neck and shoulders. The effects of any treatment program are only beneficial if your work or home environment is conducive to good posture and body mechanics.

Ergonomic assessments are beneficial following an injury. However, they are also beneficial in the prevention of injuries such as repetitive strains. Our practitioners have experience in conducting ergonomic assessments for individuals, small companies and large employers. These assessments are conducted on-site and personalized. A history is taken for each client, followed by an in-depth look at their regular work schedule, tasks and positions. At the completion of the assessment, recommendations can be made with respect to changing positions, changing furniture and/or other medical intervention. Follow up visits are optional, but recommended, in order to ensure that the changes are producing the desired results.

Ergonomic assessments can be billed to the client or to the employer. All assessments, reports and follow-up visits can be claimed through your insurance plan. If you feel that you or your staff would benefit from an ergonomic assessment or workplace health program, please contact us for more details.

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