Robyn Saona, physiotherapist extraordinaire, has made positive and progressive impacts on the physiological health of my family. We are active and fast moving athletes, each with our own set of physical needs. We pursue sports of running, mountain biking, soccer, field hockey, baseball, water sports, golf, and rock climbing. Robyn is an incredibly knowledgable, focused therapist. She assesses thoroughly, sets realistic goals with each of us, taking the time listen to us and our bodies, and sets up individualized therapy programs with care.  We feel physically and mentally better after our therapy with Robyn.

My son Jackson has cerebral palsy which means his body moves in unpredictable, unbalanced ways. Despite this mobility challenge, he plays soccer, baseball, rock climbs, kayaks, and swims. Robyn’s work with Jackson is goal oriented; their time together is purposeful, educational, and fun. She definitely puts in extraordinary efforts to make sure there is success. We all look forward to our visits with Robyn for so many reasons.

— Keri McKenzie and Family

My first appointment with Dr. Stephen Ko was in September, 2013. I was, frankly, a little skeptical about the efficacy of acupuncture, despite the testimony of countless sufferers over the ages. I have had arthritis in my neck for some years, and have tried other so-called cures to no effect. So, I decided to give acupuncture a try, and had had a very positive referral to Dr. Ko from my G.P.


For the first four sessions, I couldn’t be sure that there was any improvement. Each one-hour session consisted of massage and acupuncture.  I had been told that it was important to stick with it for at least seven treatments. Gradually I felt less and less pain. I stayed the course for nine sessions in all, and there was very little pain at the end. Motion had improved a lot. Dr. Ko has weaned me off Tylenol and taught me how to cope with pain without painkillers. That, in itself is invaluable!


I would have no hesitation in returning to Dr. Ko for treatment should my symptoms recur.

— B.M.

Dr. Dossa, Thanks for your work!

— Travis Lulay, BC Lions quarterback

Brent has done more for me than any other health practitioner has!

— Edward McCartney

Towards the end of 2011,  I happened to walk past Dr. Ko’s clinic, which was offering complementary acupuncture consultations.  I decided to ask him about my dysmenorrhea problem which I had been suffering from since five years ago.  The intensity of my menstrual pains would require me to take lots of medication and at times, would result in calling in sick at work.


He was honest and straightforward about my condition and recommended that with the combination of acupuncture and acupressure, he might be able to help decrease the symptoms within three cycles.  Three weeks later, my menstruation arrived without any PMS symptoms and I was in tears.  No meds, no cramps! Till this day, I still keep up with my visits with Dr. Ko.  Thanks to Dr. Ko and I am now a firm believer in acupuncture.

— Michelle

Robyn – I wanted to let you know that I was published in Sport Karate Magazine March-June

2007 Issue 93 edition after the tournament that you helped get me ready for! Thank you very much for all of your great work! I have told everyone that you are the one to go to for sports injuries!

— Deyer

Dr. Dossa, Thanks for taking care of the body

— Shahier Razek, former #1 in Canada Squash

Thank you Dr. Ko for treating and curing my problems.  I would have never thought that headache, vertigo and menstruation issues can be interconnected with one another.  Thank you for finding the link and alleviating me of all the pains and discomforts.  I may never quite understand how it works, but I know it works!

— Cindy

I have been to several chiropractors in the past but none have given me the care that Dr. Dossa has.  8 Months ago I injured my back to a point where I couldn’t even stand up – this is when I decided to give a chiropractor another try. I owe my speedy recovery to Dr. Dossa  he even took the extra step to come to my office once I was able to go back to work again to properly align my workstation so I would feel comfortable and confident being there. This is just one example of how Dr. Dossa goes above and beyond a typical chiropractor.


Dr.Dossa is very knowledgeable in his practice and I would recommend him to any of my friends or family. He always makes a visit to his office a positive and enjoyable one – no matter how much pain or discomfort I am in. Thank you Dr. Dossa for all you have done for me!

— Iris, Interior Designer

I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to be treated by as well as refer clients to Brent. Brent is a caring and knowledgeable Chiropractor. Brent always takes the time to listen to his patients. I would never hesitate to refer a client to Brent and I have full confidence that Brent will get to the root of the concern all while treating clients with the utmost respect.

— Kristine Michaud, Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach, Langley

Dr. Dossa, thanks for the great treatment

— Geroy Simon, former BC Lions football player

Dr. Brent Magowan was recommended to me by a colleague, based on their experience with [him]. The injury that has impacted on my well-being and daily life for over 20 years was not getting better. It originated from years of football and weight training. It was aggravated many times and had me bedridden on a number of occasions.


I started seeing Brent last year and the change has been nothing less than incredible. ART goes to the route of the issue and does not simply “snap you back in place” until the next time “it goes out!” I have regained strength in the affected area, can exercise without pain and have finally been able to lose the weight I have gained fighting through this injury.


I no longer have to see a Chiropractor monthly but am able to function for up to two month at a time and even then the appointment is more for maintenance and prevention. I would recommend Brent and his office to all especially those who have suffered sport related injuries. Thanks Brent for all you do!

— Mike Csoka

Last February, I was suffering from severe lower back pain and was diagnosed with bulging disc. The level of pain impeded my mobility which included walking up and down the stairs.  In addition, my body was slanted to one side when I walked.


My general physician referred me to an orthopaedic surgeon who soon scheduled me for surgery in June.  Coincidentally, my daughter’s colleague had told her about Dr. Stephen Ko and we decided to give acupuncture a try. To be perfectly honest, I was skeptical at first because he looked so young.  My biased-view changed quickly.


After the first treatment, I was able to take the stairs with minimal pain. I was so surprised with the result and started to have some faith in him.  After series of treatments within the first month, I was able to carry out my daily work without any pain.  Two months later, the surgeon cancelled my scheduled surgery.


If it wasn’t for Dr. Ko, I may still be undergoing my rehabilitation sessions, just like a few of my friends who are also suffering from very similar problems.  Thank you Dr. Ko! And yes I am still doing the stretch that you told me to do!

— Anna