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Whiplash: We Can Help

What is whiplash?
Whiplash is a term used to describe a sudden acceleration and deceleration force, causing the head and neck to flex forward and extend back forcefully and rapidly. It is a common occurrence in motor vehicle accidents, and can lead to numerous types of symptoms of varying severity.


Common Symptoms
Neck pain and stiffness, headaches, muscle pain, muscle weakness, altered sensation (arms, legs, face), blurry vision, dizziness, ringing of the ears (tinnitus). Other symptoms may include irritability, fogginess, and lethargy.


Anatomical Structures Affected
The soft-tissue structures of the neck, shoulders, and upper back are often injured (including
muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves). Joint and bone injuries can also occur.



Proper Evaluation is Important
Practitioners at Teamworks Health Clinic perform a thorough history and physical examination to evaluate all potential contributing sources of patient symptoms. This includes an assessment of neck stability, range of motion, and neurological impairment, in order to determine whether more serious injury is present and referral is necessary.


Treatment and Collaborative Management
At Teamworks Health Clinic your practitioner will utilize a combination of techniques and strategies in order to maximize your recovery and return you to your previous level of functioning. We believe in an integrated care model, where different practitioners work together to streamline care and healing. One of our paramount goals is to give the patient the tools to be able to self-manage their condition, both from a symptom-control and a symptom-prevention perspective.





  • Soft-tissue therapies such as Active Release Technique (ART®) are highly effective in restoring proper tissue range of motion, reducing scar tissue, and improving overall neck and upper back function.
  • Exercise prescription to promote and maintain strength and stability
  • Postural re-training to reduce daily stress around the neck
  • Spinal mobilizations/adjustments to restore motion and decrease stiffness


  • Range of motion and stretching exercises to regain or improve neck mobility
  • Core neck and shoulder strengthening exercises targeting muscle groups that become weak after a whiplash injury
  • Manual therapy techniques to restore alignment and mobility of spinal segments
  • Self-care strategies are implemented in order for patients to be able to prevent future injury, as well as education on proper posture and ergonomics

Registered Massage Therapy
Our massage therapists provide deep tissue release using various myofascial techniques in order to reduce chronic stress and strain patterns, remove scar tissue, and restore ideal movement between muscles and tendons.


Very fine needles are inserted around joints in the neck and/or other parts of the body to reduce inflammation, promote circulation, and alleviate pain.


Clinical Dietetics
It is true that we are what we eat. The human body is great at healing itself, though if the proper fuel is lacking (balanced nutrients through proper food choices), the body’s healing capacity is affected. Our Registered Dietitian provides patients with the necessary tools to make healthy food choices in or

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