Foster Hart
Registered Massage Therapist

Foster Hart is a Registered Massage Therapist who graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy with honours.

Treatments with Foster involve a mixture of myofascial, swedish, pin & stretch, and dynamic release. He has a particular interest in the orthopedic side of massage therapy and helping people move better. Ultimately, Foster’s goal is to provide the appropriate therapy for each individual patient while empowering patients with the knowledge and tools to meet their goals through self-care.

Prior to pursuing a career in massage therapy, Foster completed a Master of Science degree and then worked as a laboratory technician in the UBC Tree Molecular Biology Research Lab in the faculty of forestry’s wood science department. During this time, he collaborated on various projects, authoring and co-authoring several research articles.

While research was an interesting career path, Foster ultimately decided to change directions toward massage therapy. He decided to change careers because he wanted to directly help people on a daily basis. Further, his interest in physical activity from a lifetime of playing sports meant Foster had first-hand experience in how massage therapy can support people’s health, wellness, and physical pursuits.


Outside of work, Foster is a passionate runner. He particularly enjoys trail running,

Run Ridge Run 2023

having raced several trail half marathons, 25K’s, a marathon, and a 50K ultramarathon. Foster also performs resistance training and takes mobility classes to help with staying healthy.

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