Physiotherapy at Teamworks

Physiotherapy is a primary healthcare service provided by university-educated professionals who specialize in evaluating, restoring and maintaining physical function. Registered Physiotherapists hold at least 6 years of post-secondary education with most practitioners now holding a Master’s degree in the field. Physiotherapists at Teamworks take an active, client-centered approach to care. Customized treatment plan involving a combination of manual therapy, electrotherapy, taping (Kinesio Taping and athletic taping), exercise prescription and possibly acupuncture are developed to suit the individual needs of every patient. Patients are actively involved in their recovery process, armed with the tools, training and knowledge necessary to recover from their injury or health condition and prevent future injury. Extended treatment sessions and uninterrupted one-on-one care enable patients to get the most out of every physiotherapy treatment session at Teamworks.

Who We Are

Elliot Heard-Misener BSc, MPT
Robyn Saona BSc (Kin), MScPT
Lesley Cuddington BHK, MPT
Ashley Pereira BSc, MScPT

What to Expect

Your first visit to a physiotherapist at Teamworks will include both a thorough assessment of your injury (or what brought you into the clinic) as well as the initiation of a treatment management plan. The goal of the session is to get to the root cause of your injury. Your physiotherapist will perform a combination of hands-on treatment, electrotherapy application, exercise prescription and education. Our physiotherapists take an active approach to care which means that you will be actively involved in your recovery process. You will be prescribed a home exercise program to facilitate your recovery and get you back to your sport or life activities as quickly as possible. Physiotherapy services at Teamworks are provided in both private treatment rooms as well as an open concept treatment area (with curtained stalls). Both environments involved uninterrupted one-on-one patient care.


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