Prevent Injury

Teamworks is committed to being a leader in the field of injury prevention. Our practitioners share a common passion for assisting patients to reduce their risk of injury across various life domains, including sport, activities of daily living and the workplace. All of our programs directed towards injury prevention have one thing in common, a strong focus on education and active involvement. We are committed to providing you with the tools, training and knowledge necessary to minimize your risk of injury in any of these domains of life.


Our sport injury prevention programs are designed to not only minimize current and future risk of injury, but to also enhance skill and performance development. An individualized assessment and treatment program can ensure that you don’t fall into the pitfalls common to your sport/activity.


Workplace injuries tend to occur due to poor workplace setup/ergonomics and the repetitive nature of many tasks in the work environment (i.e. typing, talking on the phone, etc.). Fortunately, these injuries are predictable in nature, which means they are also avoidable. Contact Teamworks today and explore our injury prevention programs.


Services and Programs to Prevent Injury: