Colby Treliving
BSc (Kin), MPhty
Registered Physiotherapist
Interim Physiotherapist (trained in Australia, completing Canadian Credentialing)

Colby’s athletic and rehabilitation experiences in his teenage years fostered his passion in physiotherapy. Through injuries related to basketball and submission grappling, he learned the effectiveness of using a knowledgeable therapist to optimize rehabilitation. Experience as a kinesiologist and personal trainer helped him develop effective assessment skills and refined his exercise selection to reflect his client’s needs best.

He graduated from the University of Sydney with a Masters in Physiotherapy, following his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University. His passion for optimal human performance, combined with his innate empathy ensures that his patient’s issues are heard thoroughly, and an optimal treatment plan can be devised.

Colby’s clinical interests include shoulder health, sports, and neuromuscular training. His personal interests include basketball, strength training and hiking and rock climbing.

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