Noony Santos Paletta
Registered Dietitian

Noony graduated with honours with a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Dietetics, from the University of British Columbia.  She completed her dietetic internship at the Royal Columbian Hospital.  She has practiced in a variety of settings including Royal Columbian Hospital, Eagle Ridge Hospital, Cedarview Lodge, The College of Dietitian’s of BC, False Creek Urgent Care Centre, and BC Children’s Hospital. Noony has been at the UBC Family Practice for 15 years, providing one-on-one nutrition counselling to patients and acting as a resource for UBC Medical Residents.

There has never been a time when nutrition and food related information has been so easy to access and yet many continue to struggle with healthy eating.  WHAT we eat is only part of the answer.  Noony helps patients see the bigger picture – WHEN, WHY, and HOW.  She recognized the many barriers and challenges that prevent you and your family from being your healthiest selves and is able to coach you towards better health.  Noony encourages people to eat without guilt and to use food to nourish their bodies not their emotions.


Noony offers a balanced perspective to good eating and good living.  With over 20 years experience, Noony has the ability to assess your health needs and suggest realistic targets to meet your personal goals.

Noony stays fit with running, yoga, and weight resistance.  For fun, she enjoys hiking, cycling, and tennis in the summer; downhill and cross country skiing in the winter; and weekly brisk walks around Stanley Park all year long!  She loves to travel and is always up for a new adventure!  Noony lives in Vancouver with her husband and 3 children.

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