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December 15, 2013

Acupuncture: The Cure for Anxiety?

There are numerous options for alternative treatment of anxiety. These treatments are designed to cure anxiety without the patient incurring the expenses of therapy or experiencing the side effects of today’s medicine. One of the most trusted alternative treatments for anxiety is acupuncture. Acupuncture has become so popular that it has been declared one of the single most effective methods of curing anxiety. Different people require different treatment for anxiety because of the difference in personalities. This is why personalized treatment is recommended for those suffering from anxiety disorders.

Acupuncture has been an art embraced for centuries, and it requires placing sterilized needles on specific parts of the body. It is based on the Ying Yang elemental theory which involves balancing the ‘qi’ (spelled as ‘chi’). It seeks out to ensure complete and uninterrupted blood circulation to ensure a calmness in the body. If the body responds positively to this diagnosis, then a cure is most certainly result to be expected.  Acupuncture results to the relaxation of the entire body which is the most integral part of anxiety treatment. The success of acupuncture depends on the response of the body that has undergone treatment. However, according to research, most people respond positively to the age old treatment.

On the other hand, as a science, acupuncture has been considered as an alternative medicine and therefore little research has been dedicated to confirm or deny its benefits. Meanwhile, the practice has been carried out for centuries and has produced marvelous results. Therefore, even without science, physical evidence indicates that acupuncture is a proven cure for anxiety. The lack of documented research and results means that the acupuncture is both effective and ineffective depending on the side you view it from. It is recommended that an open mind be kept when seeking alternative methods of treatment. After all, if acupuncture doesn’t work (which is highly unlikely), one can always move on to other medicines.

Most people have provided testimonies of the curing power of acupuncture for anxiety, but just like all medicines, it does not work for everyone. Acupuncture provided three distinct benefits for those suffering from anxiety disorders. The first benefit is that it is immediate. The difference can be felt as soon as one leaves the acupuncturist or the very next morning. This is better than the medical treatment that requires the patient to work on anxiety a little at a time. The second benefit is that it reduces reinforcement. For example, those suffering from panic attacks have a constant fear of having an attack. The xenophobia of panic attack triggers the attack itself. With acupuncture, these thoughts are suppressed and consequently eliminated. This reduces the potential for getting panic attacks. The third benefit of acupuncture is that it is a standalone treatment. For the issues that trigger anxiety, acupuncture can help deal with them. Acupuncture does not set to cure just anxiety. It helps the body relax and ensure proper blood flow which can relieve more issues that the problem may have.

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